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faith walking: The salon edition

Updated: Feb 9, 2020

How my salon has grown my faith to take more action.

Having faith sounds like such an amazing feat. I mean really! Say this next sentence out loud "I have faith!" Say it again with a little more uumph. "I HAVE FAITH!" It feels powerful doesn't it?

To be honest, faith doesn't always feel like that "uumph" we just felt.

“Faith doesn't always feel powerful, but it is surely the most powerful tool we have."

Faith simply put is putting your full belief and reliance on things you cannot see nor control. It's the ultimate trust fall, believing that whatever is set to hold me up, is going to do just that, whether I've gained a few pounds or not. lol

Last year, I took one of the biggest leaps of faith by opening up my own salon suite, Remedy Salon. When I say it was a leap, it was a leap.

I had just graduated from cosmetology school and couldn't quite find a place that I felt comfortable landing with my new trade. I needed to start getting my hands dirty and making some income and had a few thoughts running through my head about my options.

Thoughts like," you don't have what it takes to go directly into a suite. Where is the money coming from? How will you get clientele? Traditional salons have systems to attract you new clients."

"When you're about to embark on a great move of faith, there will always be lingering thoughts telling you you're unqualified. Don't believe it. Go anyway."

Long story short, I kept hearing and feeling God say "Just trust me. I made a way all of the other times, and I will again." I had just finished paying for school myself (by the grace of God.) and my funds were just enough to get the ball rolling. Products, a few decorations and all the licenses needed to get up and running. Funds were SCARCE ya'll. I really want you to get a good picture of it.

My mother gave me the final push I needed to sign my lease agreement. Long story short, to date the salon has grossed over my original salary when I was working in Corporate America in less than a year. With no fancy booking system, no client attraction system, or anything that I thought I needed--I have seen God bring in just the right people, at the right time, with the right spirit. I promise I have some of THE BEST clients in the world. But that's just how God works. He asks you to trust him, then you do, and He honors your obedience by giving you better than you asked for. I remember leaving my corporate job and someone saying “What a waste of a brain.“ I personally feel like God couldn’t wait for me to step out just to make a show of that statement 🙌🏽 My salon reports don't lie, and God doesn't either.

What is God asking you to step out on faith for? Why haven't you done it yet? When do you plan on doing it? Will you trust Him one more time?

Be encouraged today. God makes provision for His visions.

-Your Sister-Friend Maya

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