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Years Of Living Dangerously (2014) Subtitles

March 13 The Past (Le passé) (France/Italy 2013) 130 min.French and Persian with English subtitles [IMAGE]Arguably the most flawless film in this winter series, THE PAST is perfect. Remember Farhadi's A SEPARATION? Well, this is as good if not even better in the emotion realism department. It features an Iranian who returns to France to give his French wife the divorce she seeks. Not so simple. Marie has two children from a previous marriage, one of whom is a dangerously surly teenager. The estranged husband seeks to make nice in and with the family but his arrival sets off a string of accidents and disclosures. Marie is involved with another guy and he, too, has so much baggage he can barely get through the door. And of doors there are many. THE PAST is about all that historical weight, as well as about cultural displacement, family dynamics, generational shift, and urban reality. It's a complicated, subtle and brilliantly nuanced story—at once intense and familiar. Bejo's Cannes-award-winning performance is also worth the whole night off. Unbelievably good.

Years of Living Dangerously (2014) subtitles



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