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[S2E8] Xmas Story

The plot for this episode was one of the first storylines that Matt Groening and David X. Cohen came up with aside from the series' pilot. They had the basic idea before they pitched the show to Fox, although they did not develop the detailed plot until much later.[1] The episode ended up being controversial although those involved with the show did not expect it to be. Fox was concerned that advertisers would find the episode too controversial for the time slot. When they made a second episode featuring Robot Santa it was delayed for nearly a year before being broadcast in a later time slot.[1]

[S2E8] Xmas Story

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Of the three, the middle one may be worth saving for the end. "A Tale of Two Santas" finds the right type of story to hang the show's dark humor off of, while putting series favorite Bender front and center in a story that suits him perfectly. The remaining two, while amusing, simply don't have the same snap in their step, and in a few cases veer into unduly problematic material. Fans looking for a single choice would do well to go with "A Tale of Two Santas."

Season 3, Episode 3, "A Tale of Two Santas," finds the sweet spot that marks Futurama at its best. It returns to the Robot Santa concept, this time with a stronger storyline and more effective gags to support it. The episode opens with the gang locking down Planet Express in anticipation of the killbot's arrival, complete with Christmas lights that spell out "Trespassers Will Be Shot." That's before Professor Farnsworth sends them to Santa's ice fortress on Neptune. There, they succeed in incapacitating the homicidal robot, and Bender takes over in his stead.

Besides a more coherent story -- which admittedly isn't necessarily the point of Futurama -- "A Tale of Two Santas" develops its killer robot idea better than its predecessor. It also finds funnier ways to touch on the show's character-based humor. These jokes include Fry succeeding at his goals in all the wrong ways, and Bender's omnipresent misanthropy helping him cut corners while delivering toys. The darker elements feel puckish and sly rather than just mean-spirited (though the Kwanzaa jokes make an unwelcome appearance), and the episode's new song is more of an organic part of the story than just a way to fill time.

Most importantly, "A Tale of Two Santas" skewers the clichés of Christmas specials in a way that feels like essential Futurama. Its subversive gags strike home more often amid a properly unified story instead of three or four different ones stitched together. All three holiday-themed episodes are of a kind, and fans of the show's unique spin on sci-fi comedy should be happy with any choice. But the stand-out among them is a no-brainer.

Hermes is openly hostile to Zoidberg for the first time, addressing him as "Filthy crab." He had been unkind once in an earlier episode, but here it is clear that Hermes has issues with Zoidberg: these issues come to the surface with increasing frequency as the story continues. Strangely, he is also kinder toward Zoidberg in this episode than in any other, politely passing Xmas mail to Zoidberg and even going so far as to sell his own hair in order to buy a set of hair combs for Zoidberg.

In the office, Sr. Jude sneaks in and holds a straight razor to Sr. Mary Eunice's throat, threatening to end the demon's possession of her. Her telekinesis breaks Jude's hold and Dr. Arden is asked to call security to escort Sr. Jude out of the building. He mentions Frank's intentions to confess, and she promises to take care of it. She takes a Santa suit to Leigh, intent on lifting his spirits. She recites his criminal history, which began when he was arrested for shoplifting and sodomized in jail. She gives him the choice of being the victim or the victor.

Arden brings Sister Mary Eunice a present of ruby earrings. She giddily takes them, even after he tells her of the jewelry's history. He took them from the feces of a wealthy "Jewess" in a concentration camp who hid them by ingesting them daily and eventually died. He hoped she would be appalled at the story but as she is not he learns how much she has changed. She calls him "pathetic" and warns that even God cannot help him.

I mostly agree with your synopsis of this episode. There are good bits, like the line you quoted today about saying xmas and aks in the future, but Robot Santa is not really one of them; however, his other appearances are stronger because of the excellent musical numbers in them. And for some reason the scene where Bender is going to be executed when the random number generator hits zero and Zoidberg comes in dressed as Jesus makes me laugh every time.

Futurama is a classic animated comedy show created by Matt Groening, the same person behind The Simpsons. Set in the year 3000, the show follows the adventures of Philip J. Fry, a pizza delivery boy who wakes up after being cryogenically frozen for a thousand years. The show originally aired on Comedy Central in 1999, and ran for 8 seasons. With its witty dialogue, colorful characters, and hilarious storylines, Futurama has become one of the most beloved animated shows of all time. In this article, we will be looking at some of the best episodes of Futurama, ranked from top to bottom.

The real estate that "plays" Downton Abbey, Highclere Castle, has been the home of the Carnarvon family since 1679. In 1922, George Herbert, the 5th Earl of Carnarvon, co-discovered the Tomb of the Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamun. On the show, the names of the Earl of Grantham's beloved dogs, Isis and Pharaoh, are nods to the real castle's connection to Egyptian history. 041b061a72


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