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Southern Barbeque Sauce Recipe !FREE!

In this simple recipe, tomato sauce and apple cider vinegar create a tangy flavor while brown sugar and honey add subtle sweetness. Liquid smoke enriches that fresh-off-the-grill taste along with chili powder for some Southern heat. Other common ingredients used in this recipe include: paprika, cornstarch, dry mustard, black pepper, salt, and my secret ingredient - ginger!

southern barbeque sauce recipe


As someone who loves a variety of foods, Debby has experimented with recipes and discovered shortcuts to make her favorite dishes. Some of them are beloved southern family favorite recipes. And others are foods she enjoyed from the many places she has lived. Go here to learn more about this food-loving military BRAT southern girl.

If you love good BBQ and all the good eats that go with it, then THIS post is for you. You need to save, pin and print these recipes to make the best pork BBQ and sides using this sauce that your friends and family will ever eat.

Originally from Winston Salem and grew up on Lexington style BBQ. Now I live in Florida and always have a yearning for some good BBQ. Thanks for your sauce, slaw and pulled pork recipes, they bring a little bit of home sweet home to southern Florida!

Love this recipe. Much prefer this to the more traditional Texas style BBQ sauce which is too sweet for my tastes. It's so versatile as well, it works brilliantly with smoked chicken, pork even beef and I also use it as a quick salad dressing sometimes. My wife complains if we have not got a batch in the fridge. It's a shame most people in the UK have never heard of it as it's lovely stuff. Thanks!

It must be July 4 because I'm making this sauce. We love it! My daughter adds it to her pulled pork on rice. I always double the recipe so it lasts as long as my smoked pork and beef brisket leftovers.

@Trish W., apologies, I updated the recipe after further testing and removed the butter (and other ingredients) from the mix. If you look at the label for Maurice's bottled sauce above, you'll see there is no butter in their sauce. The original copycat recipe I was given used it, but when testing further, I saw no need for it. Unfortunately, I failed to update the article, which I will do now. If you've tasted Maurice's Southern Gold sauce before, I am confident you will find the copycat recipe in this post to be about as close to the original as possible. Thanks and again, my apologies.

What is an authentic Southern BBQ Sauce recipe? The answer will depend on who you ask. There are few topics in American food that can generate as much passion as this question. A few years ago a high-end, local restauranteur opened a high-end barbecue joint. I tried it out and was somewhat surprised when the waiter offered me a choice of three different barbecue sauces. I could not help but think it was the equivalent of opening a church and saying the choice of religion is optional. Not surprisingly, the restaurant did not last. BBQ in the South is a specific thing depending on locale. Not a general thing.

Many of the recipes from the search were sauces that, while of value, were not traditional Southern barbecue sauces. For example, there were several honey mustard sauces, several with soy sauce, and other non-traditional approaches. Likewise, many sauces contained liquid smoke. Many people, including this author, consider that the smoke taste should be in the meat, not the sauce. It is a subterfuge that is frequently used in restaurants to fake the effect of barbecuing the meat on the grill. These recipes were removed from the analysis.

Of note, not all recipes use ketchup since many start with canned tomato sauce. Of course, ketchup is sweetened, flavored reduced tomato sauce. Many of those flavors such as garlic and onion powder are also ingredients added to the sauce. Hence, many skip to the end and use ketchup. But if you want to have full control of your flavors, tomato sauce is the way to go. But no doubt, ketchup is a convenient, effective, easy way to make a sauce. My Easy Memphis BBQ Sauce starts with ketchup, the Texas BBQ Sauce, and the Alabama Red BBQ Sauce starts with canned tomato sauce.

Two additional taste profiles were very common in the Memphis sauces and frequently used in Texas. Approximately 85% of the Memphis recipes contained both Worcestershire sauce and mustard. The mustard could be dry or prepared mustards. The net result is a richer tasting, thicker sauce.

How does the world see Southern Barbecue sauce? Or at least, how is it seen if searching in Paris? To get an idea, I overlaid the ketchup and vinegar from the regions on a graph. It is clear that in Paris, what is presented is not usually Carolina sauce. On the accompanying graph, the light blue Paris dots are generally in the 3 to 1 tomato to vinegar ratio. The flavor profiles are generally the same. However, apparently finding southern hot sauces is not easy in Paris as Caribbean hot sauces are recommended.

Of interest, the Paris search returned the most complicated recipe I found with over 30 ingredients. An inspection of that recipe shows it started with tomato sauce with a significant amount of flavorings added to cook into the tomato sauce. In reality, this was making ketchup.

Alabama White BBQ Sauce is the only sauce recipe you will ever need to up your BBQ game! As a southern favorite, this tangy sauce is mayo-based and combined with apple cider vinegar and spices. This is the perfect finishing sauce for bbq chicken, ribs, wings, and other bbq dishes. Make this in 5 minutes to use immediately, or fridge overnight for even better flavor!

Our Southern Style BBQ Sauce is a classic sweet and smoky sauce with a twist of citrus to brighten up any meal. This traditional style barbeque sauce gets a sweet kick from rich molasses balanced by a rich hickory smoke flavor with a citrus top note that will bring your guests coming back for more!

The BBQ sauce is luscious and has a depth like no other. You will want to be double-dipping for sure!! Keep this recipe on hand for all your BBQ sauce needs, you will be slathering it on chicken, ribs, beef, and more!

We used to live in Northern Alabama and when we moved to Texas we missed the white barbeque sauce. This is the best Alabama White BBQ Sauce recipe out there! I have been making it for 5 years or so. Delicious!!Our favorite way to eat it is on a pulled pork loaded baked potato. I like mine with this sauce, and traditional BBQ sauce. Yum!!Lots of our friends here in Texas are now big fans of Alabama White BBQ Sauce! Thanks for the recipe!!

In the mood for Texas Style BBQ sauce that is a little bit of sweet mixed with a small amount of heat? This bbq sauce recipe is made with brown sugar, tomato sauce, apple cider vinegar, and a pinch of cayenne to deliver the ultimate flavors for summertime.

Kansas City style BBQ offers a smorgasbord of slow-smoked meats rubbed down in a sweet seasoning and slathered in a thick, sugary sauce. Brown sugar is the base ingredient of Kansas City rub (traditional recipes call for a two-to-one ratio of brown sugar to paprika). Pitmasters keep their heat low to prevent the caramelizing sugar from charring and blackening their meats.

A true Memphis BBQ restaurant distinguishes itself from its imitators by serving Memphis barbeque spaghetti. Spaghetti noodles tossed in a half marinara, half barbecue sauce loaded with pulled pork, simmered peppers, and onions have been a Memphis regional staple since the 1970s.

It seems like for as long as we have been eating, we have been thinking about cooking. We enjoy not only the process of combining food and flavors to produce incredible culinary experiences; we enjoy the feeling that it gives others when they partake. We come from a family of great cooks; whether they are in the kitchen baking a cake or biscuits or out on the grill, they are excellent cooks. They've been our inspiration, and we have taken the best of what we have learned and reimagined it for today. Baste southern bbq sauces and seasonings were born out of that inspiration. We are excited to have you experience our surprising portfolio of handcrafted bbq sauces and seasonings that will transform your cooking and eating experience.

Perfect! My favorite store-bought BBQ sauce is no longer available so I tried this. Far better than the store-bought! I made it exactly as the recipe described, just upped the cayenne pepper and tobasco a smidge since i like a lot of heat. Just what i wanted for BBQ chicken. I just mixed the ingredients and did not warm on the stove. I always boil my chicken leg/thigh quarters for about 30 minutes before I put them on the grill with the BBQ sauce. Slather the sauce on each side a couple of times while flipping to get a nice crust on the chicken. I like to serve with carolina yellow rice or rice-a-roni chicken flavor, along with a fresh green salad.

This recipe is fantastic. I love the spicy BBQ sauce at my favorite BBQ place in Luther, IA (pop. 181). This recipe is very close. Sent it to my brother who loves to smoke too and he gave it the same stellar approval. GREAT RECIPE!!

If you're not from Alabama, you may not have heard of Alabama white sauce. This creamy mayonnaise-based white barbecue sauce recipe can be served with barbecued meats (of course!), chicken tenders, chicken wings, french fries or anything you want a twangy sauce with.

If you've ever made it through my 375 word super long spiel on the various types of mustard in this post, you'll know I am a particularly huge fan of the condiment. Though I use Dijon in many of my recipes, I find that a classic yellow mustard is the best option for this bbq sauce. The mild spice and vinegary flavor of classic mustard provides an excellent base for this bbq sauce and gives it it's signature golden-hue.

Wonderful! Thank you for taking the time to reply, Jenni. For our first go at this sauce, we will be sticking to your original recipe. We will be trying a batch of this on pulled pork an Friday, and we cannot wait.Many thanks again and all the best,Elizabeth


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