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Chronology Of The Universe Pdf Download

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Chronology Of The Universe Pdf Download

Another question is who this comic is actually for. The book itself has so little prose storytelling that it is hard to know exactly what is going on in most of the events mentioned, which means you have to have a profound understanding of DC comics history to even stay tuned to basic chronology. It also does a great deal of revisionism proper in that it adds extra meaning to established events in the DC universe, including a lot of antagonistic subtext to decades of past behavior by other heroes. This adds an interesting depth, even if it is clearly invented after the fact. All of that adds up, however, to confusion about what is even going on and where these characters fit in. I am as well versed in DC lore as anyone, and yet there were huge plot points I had to Google just to stay afloat, which leads me to believe that most comics readers would have a tough time with this. The crossover readers who often go for DC Black Label books will find it even more challenging. The layout from Giuseppe Camuncoli are inspired, but lacking in some practicality as dozens of panels in here have black text on dark color palettes making it a struggle to actually read. With the density of the text in each issue, the book becomes a chore at some points.


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